LikeCoin Early Believer Round 完滿結束 | LikeCoin Early Believer Round closed


隨著2017年的過去,LikeCoin 的 Early Believe Round 配售亦已告一段落。即使我們團隊去年還在埋首 LikeCoin 通訊協議的設計及研發,撥不出時間整理銷售訊息,連一個像樣的簡報都給不出手,來自各界的數十位友好還是選擇相信我們,並為項目貢獻了超越原訂目標兩成的 1200ETH ,我們衷心感激。妳/你對我們的信心,也加強了我們自身的信心,多謝! m(_ _)m

趣事一則:話說前天我居然忘記了元旦是假期,直到朋友找我喝茶我才如夢初醒。明明清楚當天是一月一日,卻忘了元旦是假期,這還是首次。後來我知道了,原來是太期待著馬上進入 LikeCoin 的第二階段,一時失去了公眾假期的概念。

新的一年到來,團隊將脫離埋首開發不問世事的狀態,逐步發放 LikeCoin 的資料,讓大家參與進來。由於訊息量相當大,我們將把資料砍件,每週發放,請大家保持關注。

打頭陣的,固然是 LikeCoin Foundation 的網站:

網站看上去可能略為單薄,但不用擔心 — Google的首頁比我們還簡單 — 這只是個起點而已,請加入我們的社群:Telegram (English)、Medium (English/中文)、Twitter(日本語/English)、Facebook (中文) 以及 Github (JS/Solidity)以接收進一步的資訊,直接給我們提意見和建議。


And Happy New Year

With 2017 came to an end, so did the Early Believer Round of LikeCoin private token sale. While wewere still in semi-stealth mode, dozens of you chose to believe in our and contributed 1200ETH, 20% above our original target of project seed. Thank you so much, Early Believers. Your faith gives us faith. m(_ _)m

Guess what, it was the first time in my life that i forgot Jan 1 is a holiday. i didn’t realize until a friend asked me out for a drink. i was well aware of the date, but forgot it’s a holiday — it’s weird. Come to think about it, it must be because i was too eager to kick off phase 2 of LikeCoin project.

As we enter a new year, we shall formally leave stealth mode and start to release the details of LikeCoin. Stay tuned, there will be announcement(s) every week.

As a start, let’s begin with LikeCoin Foundation’s website.

i know it may seem primitive, but it’s just a starting point. Please join our community on Telegram (English), Medium (English/Chinese), Twitter(Japanese/English), Facebook(Chinese) and Github(JS/Solidity), you will find a lot more information going on.

Last but not least, happy new year! Wish everyone a meaningful 2018!